thislifeintransit replied to your post:Anybody in the same boat as me? I ordered stickers…

as someone who has been on the other side of this, mistakes do happen and if I’m not mistaken, finalboss is UK right? shipping does take time (though over a month is quite a while) I would really try to get a hold of somebody first

I mean I got my wing from japan in week and I’ve received other stickers and stuff from Canada as well in this time frame. If they would just answer me and give me some response I’d have no problem being patient. I’m just hoping someone can give me a name to contact or something 

Anybody in the same boat as me? I ordered stickers from FINALBOSS in early June. Never received anything. I emailed them twice, no answer. So I messaged them to their Facebook and still nothing. I don’t want to file a Paypal dispute because for one, I want the stickers lol and two I don’t think they’re bad dudes. But I’m probably going to, this is just silly